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Terms & Conditions

I have truthfully answered all questions regarding my medical history before recieving my IV Therapy and have informed the staff about any and all prescription medications and/or over the counter drugs I take, as well as any street or recreational drugs. I understand that failing to inform the staff about my medical issues and/or drug use can lead to serious complications.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for any medical care I may have that is directly or indirectly related to the services provided by IV2ME LLC. If I seek medical treatment for any side effect or reaction, it will be at my own expense.

I acknowledge and agree that the sole risk of injury or harm resulting in any manner from my voluntary participation in IV2ME LLC’s services rests entirely with me to the extent that I fail to disclose my health condition(s), medications, or drug use in advance of the services provided.

I expressly represent and warrant to IV2ME LLC’s that I have never been diagnosed with or treated for any illnesses or conditions that may result in increased risk when participating in the services provided by IV2ME LLC. I understand that IV2ME LLC bears no responsibility for and will not screen for, diagnose, monitor, or provide any care for such conditions.

I acknowledge that IV2ME LLC relies upon information provided by me in assessing my ability to participate in the services provided.

There is no guarantee that hydration therapy will temporarily or permanently cure or resolve your hangover, effects of altitude sickness, dehydration, or viral illness.

Please drink alcohol in moderation. Heavy drinking after hydration therapy can lead to stomach irritation or other complications.

Hydration therapy is not a cure for heavy drinking. Excessive drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning and other serious medical problems. Always drink alcohol in moderation.

I understand the following risks: Bleeding, infection, inflammation, swelling, extravasation of fluid, misplacement of IV lines in the body air embolism, fluid overload, adverse interactions with medications, nerve injury, lightheadedness, or fainting, bruising or infiltration, extraction, scarring from IV.

I acknowledge that I have been given the opportunity to discuss the nature and purpose of the treatment and the risks, complications, and consequences associated with the procedures. I am aware that it is impossible to foresee or predict all possible risks, complications, and consequences, and I do not expect that the staff to anticipate or explain all associated risks.

I waive any and all claims related to the services provided and agree to hold IV2ME LLC harmless regarding any complications or consequences I experience during or following the service.