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B12 Injection


Our B12 Booster (Methylcobalamin) is an additive supplement to our IV Therapies offering an extra boost for various benefits!

B12 helps in the production of red blood cells and DNA synthesis. It also plays a role in energy metabolism and the prevention of anemia. B12 also supports fat breakdown, which means it can help you burn more fat, lose weight, and provide your body with extra fuel and energy. It also helps support your immune system by preventing infections caused by bacteria and viruses such as influenza or measles.

B12 is shown to have cognitive benefits as well such as improved memory function due to its role in brain development during childhood, as well as reduction in symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease such as depression, anxiety, confusion, mood swings and irritability!

NOTE: To be purchased as an additive (boost) to an IV Therapy session in order to receive treatment & optimal results*


Additional information

Symptoms & Benefits

Best used for:, – Immune Support, – Cognitive Support, – Energy, – Fat Metabolism


Includes:, – Methylcobalamin (B12)


Therapy usually takes 30 Minutes


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