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Does NAD IV Therapy Work?

NAD Therapy has been helping treat medical conditions since the 1960s. This therapy has lots of benefits. In this blog, we’ll talk about what NAD IV therapy is, how it’s done and how does it work, how getting it through a vein compares to taking pills, and the good things it might do. We’ll also touch on doing NAD therapy at home.

What is NAD?

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It’s a helper in the body that sticks to things and can make aging effects go backward. It also makes thinking better. When you’re getting better from addiction, it can help ease the tough feelings you get when you stop, and it has other good effects too.

How Does NAD IV Therapy Work?

Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are super important for your body to work its best. One key player is the NAD coenzyme, which is crucial for how cells function.

A NAD IV therapy works with proteins to make powerful enzymes. These enzymes help your body break down fuels. NAD also joins forces with other stuff to turn into Niacin, a kind of vitamin B3. This vitamin does a great job of bringing life back to your cells from the inside.

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Does Nad IV therapy work

What Are the Possible Benefits of NAD IV Therapy?

NAD can support your health in many different ways.

Enhancing Brain Function

About 20 percent of the oxygen in your body goes to your brain, making it sensitive to things that can cause stress. This stress can mess with how well your brain can change and adapt to different situations. It can also make it harder for your brain cells to resist stress, which can mess up how they talk to each other. NAD IV therapy works by fighting inflammation linked to problems with memory and thinking. This kind of inflammation is often seen in diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

Supports Energy Levels

NAD is a strong antioxidant that anyone can use. NAD IV therapy, known for giving a boost of energy, has been used by athletes to enhance their performance. This energy boost also supports better metabolism, and when combined with good eating and exercise, it can help you reach or keep a healthy weight.

NAD is super important for metabolism. It’s not good to have low levels of NAD. Some studies have looked into using NAD as a potential treatment for chronic fatigue.

There is a variety of theories about why NAD supplements can be helpful:

  • It is thought that NAD reduces fatigue by restoring the mitochondrial function.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome has been associated with low levels of adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), a type of energy. NAD converts food into ATP to combat symptoms.
  • Cognitive dysfunction is a symptom of the chronic fatigue syndrome. NAD IV therapy works by stimulating the brain, and reducing cognitive dysfunction.

Reverses Aging and Supports Whole-Body Wellness

NAD doesn’t just do good things for your mind; it’s also good for your body. The NAD coenzyme works to lessen pain by turning on antioxidants and lowering inflammation. For some people dealing with long-lasting pain, NAD therapy might be helpful.

NAD is also great at helping your cells fix themselves better. It can even turn back some of the damage that happens as you get older. This helps you look younger and more refreshed.

When you get NAD through IV therapy, it can boost serotonin, which acts like a mood stabilizer and can ease feelings of depression.

Aids in Addiction Recovery

The brain chemistry is altered by addiction to alcohol or drugs, which leads to cravings and relapse. NAD IV therapy accelerates healing in the brain. This makes it less likely that you will experience cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

NAD can help you achieve this goal in several ways, such as:

  • The improvement of metabolism and energy production can help combat fatigue caused by detox. This also reduces the desire of patients to use caffeine, sugar, or other substances to increase their energy. They can also avoid the jitters or crashes that may result.
  • NAD IV therapy works by flushing drugs and toxins out of the body. This helps the body begin the recovery process quicker.
  • Reduces withdrawal symptoms, including pain. This reduces the likelihood of relapse.

IV therapy is a great alternative to narcotic medication when combined with a comprehensive rehabilitation program.

NAD can relieve withdrawal symptoms in patients who are withdrawing from alcohol and opiates. NAD therapy is usually a series of sessions spread over time. The number of sessions, duration, and other factors can affect the treatment.

Other NAD IV Therapy Benefits

NAD fuels vital biological processes like:

  • DNA repair
  • Managing circadian rhythm
  • Strengthening cell defense systems

Maintaining your health is dependent on maintaining NAD levels.

Does Nad IV therapy work

How Does NAD IV Therapy Compare to Other NAD Supplements?

NAD IV Therapy Pros and Cons

NAD IV supplementation means giving NAD through a vein. It’s mixed into fluids, which go into a bag hung above your head. A long, thin tube with a needle at the end is connected to the bag and inserted into your vein. This lets the fluids go straight into your bloodstream. Sometimes, other good stuff like nutrients is added to the treatment.

While people often connect IV therapy with serious health issues that need hospital care, this kind of supplementation has a lot of benefits. Because it skips the digestive system, the body absorbs things faster. When you take pills, up to half of the good stuff can get lost in the process. Directly putting things into the bloodstream means your body can use them right away, making the treatment work faster. Also, the fluids in IV therapy help clear out toxins and bad things, so your body can work at its best.

NAD IV treatment usually involves several sessions, each lasting 2-4 hours, over a few weeks. The good effects of NAD treatment can stick around for months after you finish. The number of sessions and how long they last depends on things like your health, so it’s essential to have a trained healthcare provider guiding your treatment.


  • High absorption rate
  • The most effective NAD therapy
  • No guesswork when administered by a health care professional
  • Hydrates the Body
  • Treatment can include other vitamins
  • Benefits can last up to six months


  • You must make an appointment to receive treatment
  • It is not the best option for people who are afraid of needles or have an aversion.
  • The most expensive NAD treatment option

Get NAD IV Therapy With IV2ME

Enjoy multiple benefits from a single session.

  • Reverse the signs of aging to achieve a youthful glow
  • Clarify your mind and remove brain fog
  • Increase energy and metabolism
  • Enhance memory, concentration, and athletic performance
  • Strengthen your immunity, detoxify, and cleanse the body
  • Supporting addiction recovery

Our cutting-edge treatment will help you to become healthier and brighter. You are just a click away from rejuvenation.

Ready to Experience Ultimate Wellness?

Boost your vitality with Nad IV therapy from IV2ME! Experience the energy-boosting benefits of NAD+ in the comfort of your own space. Our expert team is ready to revitalize your body and mind. Ready to take the next step in wellness? Contact IV2ME and discover the power of Nad IV therapy. Elevate your energy, elevate your life!

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  • NAD+ IV – helps you to feel more energetic and youthful
  • IMMUNITY IV – enhances immune response and function
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  • INNER BEAUTY IV – reduces wrinkles and to fortify hair, skin, and nails
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